When you first begin Djing, choosing the best speakers for the money can be quite a daunting task. You might run into hang-ups when looking at the various speaker options, their pros, and cons. And it’s very common-even the most experienced DJs out there can be stricken with analysis paralysis when choosing the best speakers that fit their gigging needs. And that’s why we are here with a guide on things to consider before buying a speaker and some of the best DJ Speakers for beginners available right now.

What to consider before buying a DJ speaker?

Active/Passive speakers

Typically, speakers are categorized as either active or passive. With passive speakers, you’ll need to separately buy an amplifier because it doesn’t output any sound by itself. On the other hand, active speakers are an all-in-one-solution as they have the amp built into each speaker. As a result, active DJ speakers are significantly more expensive than their passive counterparts.


The Wattage rating can vary greatly depending on the crowd size and space. If you’re Djing indoor for just 50 people, you can easily get away with 200 Watt speaker. However, if it’s an outdoor venue, you might need 1000 Watts so that the sound can reach everyone.

Size of the Woofer Cone

The Woofer cone’ size determines how much bass a speaker can handle. For beginners, an 8” speaker should be enough. However, if you already have a subwoofer, you can go for 10”-12” to get a much-improved bass. The best bass is produced by a 15” speaker, but you need to stretch your budget a bit in order to get the best response.


Look for speakers that have built-in handles and casters to haul them to and from gigs easily. The speakers should be able to fit in your vehicle, or you might need a dolly to carry it around.


Budget is important, and sometimes it’s the most limiting factor for a DJ. You can start with entry-level speakers that will cost you around $200-$250 and upgrade when you get more gigs. Just don’t compromise on quality and brand by buying a speaker worth $50.


Best DJ Speakers for beginners:

Costway Dual 12”

Best DJ Speakers for beginners

Check out this speaker by Costway if you’re looking for some great sound and functionality for your gigs. This system features a master active speaker that powers the 12” passive speaker. The woofer has A 40oz and comes with 2″aluminum voice coil. Plus, it provides an amazing Bluetooth integration with no cables required, USB input and SD card input for MP3, wireless remote control, preset digital graphic equalizer effects, subwoofer horn and a 25 mm tweeter horn. It weighs 65 pounds and has a peak power rating of 2000 W. With this system; you also get two rugged tripod speaker stands for more convenience


  • Excellent quality at an affordable price
  • Amazing bass sound and easy set-up
  • Great for outdoor parties, Karaoke functions, and other Djing gigs.
  • Portable design
  • Impressive Bluetooth integration


  • The mic cord is not too long
  • No stereo audio for indoor gigs
  • Remote control is just for the show

Alphasonik 15″ Powered 2800W PRO DJ

If you need something that’s consistent and affordable, this speaker by Alphasonik is the one to look at. This speaker features a 15″ woofer and 1″ Titanium Driver with Horn Tweeter Cabinet and has a 2800 Watt output. It weighs 40 pounds and has a built-in wireless Bluetooth and remote control. The product comes with an XLR cable for the microphone, adjustable rugged tripod stand, and power cable. The speaker provides outstanding input versatility, and its dynamic woofer makes sure you just don’t hear the beats but feel it. This speaker has set new standards when it comes to consumer Pro sound audio. Without a doubt, it is the best bang for your Buck.


  • Great for audio streaming
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Easy-setup
  • The inbuilt microphone is awesome for parties, DJ gigs and karaoke nights.
  • Impressive Bluetooth functionality


  • Speakers get heated in no time
  • Remote control doesn’t really serve any purpose

Rockville Power GIG RPG-122K All In One DJ/PA Package

Rockville Power GIG RPG-122K DJ speakers for beginners

Whether it’s a house party or a live music gig at the beach, these speakers by Rockville will produce the perfect sound as and when you need. This speaker features two 12” pro audio speakers (active masters the passive speaker), a built-in wireless Bluetooth and has 1000 Watts peak output. It weighs 73 pounds and has a USB and SD card input, wireless handheld microphone system, two rugged speaker stands, wireless remote control, built-in equalizer, and RCA cables. The speakers get easily connected to any device from laptop to iPad to iPhone to Android phones. This system is great for Karaoke nights, bar events and all other Djing gigs. Simply put, there’s nothing not to love about the Rockville Dual 12” speakers.


  • Amazing sound quality
  • Made from 100% copper
  • 90% of the cable is shielded
  • Hassle-free set-up
  • Bluetooth integration works well


  • No flaws to note

Pair Rockville Power Gig RPG8

Rockville is indeed one brand that packs the punch when it comes to DJ speakers. The pair Rockville Power Gig RPG8 features an 8″ woofer that comes with a 2″ aluminum voice coil and has a 400 Watts peak output that delivers impressive bass. Not only this, the speakers come with two stands, two XLR cables and a carry case that makes it very portable. The ultra-efficient design and sound quality makes it one of the best speakers for this price. The speakers weigh 62.1 pounds and provide an extremely loud and punchy bass response which is enough to fill a room and get the party started.


  • Impressive sound for the size
  • Portable design
  • A robust set of features
  • Great controls
  • Fantastic for acoustic music


  • Can only be used for small gigs and events (might need a subwoofer for bigger spaces)
  • No built-in wireless Bluetooth

The Bottom Line

Becoming a DJ is no cake walk and involves much more than just playing music. You need to keep the audience engaged so that they don’t get bored. Speakers are essential gear for an aspiring DJ and finding the perfect one for your gigging requirements can be overwhelming. But hopefully, all of these tips and speaker options will help you kick off your Djing career. Good luck!



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